Two US Banks Just Failed – What Happened, and What Now?

Patrick Boyle’s video on Silvergate:

Let’s talk about the recent bank runs that ultimately caused Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Silvergate to collapse, and what it means for the broader economy/financial system.

DISCLAIMER: Richard does not hold a position in any of the companies mentioned in this video. This channel is for education purposes only and does not constitute financial advice – Richard is not responsible for investment actions taken by viewers. Please seek out a registered advisor if you require assistance (while Richard is a registered portfolio manager at WDS Investment Management, he does not provide advice through The Plain Bagel, which is not affiliated with his employer).

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  1. Update: SVB deposits will be available Monday, according to regulators.

    Signature Bank has also now been taken over by regulators, the second FDIC receivership in three days

  2. Let’s be clear please, SVP collapsed because they did not give their people their money at all, the federal government took the bank down because they failed to give their costumers their deposits. Simple as that. Also clearify that those two banks while american were not national or federal banks so nobody should worry of official national and federal banks like chase, bank of america or Wells fargo.

  3. How do banks fail? Maintain 1:10 loan ratio. Keep loan assets and sell off foreclosed loans.

    Always turn a profit of 4% on every loan. Then when the bank has enough equity, lower your ratio and adds more security to the banks future, eventually the banks will be loaning solid money because they're rolling in it.

  4. Funny how you call it the banks assets but its just them buying stuff with your money. My question is what happens if i am paying a mortgage and the bank closes?

  5. Bad loans and investments? Bad loans to whom?
    It`s a common rule that banks are "giving" away loans when it`s over….. when the insiders of the bank know it`s done.
    There is almost always some loans that will not stand the light of truth and investigation. But that`s eazy to fix. The loan taker will by all clams for next to nothing (5% – 10%) and the case is closed.
    Go back about two years and then you will find some "crazy" loans that is not paid back and will not be either. But no one will see it because the loan taker will close all possibility about seeing into it by buying the clams for as little as nothing. Nice friends!!

  6. You should consider getting a teleprompter. That was up don't have to glance away from the camera to read your script.

  7. These firms invested in wokeness. Especially the SVB. The ceo was too busy with pride campaigns to run the bank

  8. Bitcoin is fake money, they said. It's going to zero, they said. Fine, believe what you want. Put your dollars in the fractional reserve banking system (with 0% reserve requirement). Let your bank spend your dollars on "safe" investments. Then pray you don't accidentally try to withdraw at the same time as everyone else.

  9. I guess you didn't see the government providing insurance retroactively to every depositor. That couldn't possibly come back to bite the taxpayer…

  10. Thank you so much for this information. Very easy to understand, and appreciate the straightforward approach. It really means a lot to a layperson like myself to get this type of quality analysis in a manner I can understand. 🙂

  11. Why cant the government just buy back the bank for the pennies its worth? Bad investment, but since they are already paying for their debts, they might as well take the bank.

  12. The executives sold their shares a day before and won't spend a day in prison. Taxpayers will have to cover up. Capitalism still has a long way to go.

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