Top 5 BEST Hardware Wallets: Which Are The SAFEST?!

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0:00 Intro
1:36 Why A Hardware Wallet
5:49 Trezor Model One
9:37 Trezor Model T
12:40 Ledger Nano S
15:19 Ledger Nano X
18:06 Keepkey
20:33 Security Tips


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  2. Do you think I could get a flash drive and ask ChatGPT to make me a wallet?
    I have a Nano X but the battery died. I can still use it, I will connect it to my laptop like I saw in the picture. 🀣

  3. trading crypto is one of the lucrative business, but to be honest its not entirely easy i lost so much while doing it by myself until I stumbled across Emily

  4. I will tell you somethink crypto even on them hard cold wallets its not safe… Its allways some issue of device or other system shiet. No idea where to hold crypto becouse i chceked all thinks. Allways its somethink wrong

  5. For a few months now I have been searching tirelessly for information on how to start investing. I even payed $1000 for a course that I now regret. It appears that there is no structured guidiance for beginners on how to get started in this realm. I've come across several investors making well over $250k/annum and would be grateful if anyone on here could provide insights on how to get started, identify potential stocks, when to make an entry, exit etc.

  6. My Ledger Nano X somehow sent 15k XRP and 5K XLM to an outside wallet. I NEVER gave my keys to anyone, responded to any scam or publically shared my wallet address. Ledger Support is the WORST support I have ever experienced. 1 week response time per reply, no solution offered other than to file a Police report. I can see my crypto in an unknown wallet. Dec 3rd, 2022. Over a billion USD in sales and almost NO support. USER BEWARE!

  7. Can't you just use an old smartphone and keep WiFi off and turn off the device whenever you're not using it

  8. Hi Guy. I followed the link above for the Ledger Nano. The promo code is out of date. Can you provide a current one?Please and thank you. Also website says it costs 119.

  9. This video has turned out to be prophetic

  10. All crypto wallet are bullshit. They don’t store your crypto they only store your private key, and your crypto assets are on someone’s server on the net and if something goes down, or the company goes bankrupt, you’ve lost all of your crypto.

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