The Top 3 Major Trends in Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About

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  2. Surely right now it would be waaay safer to exchange your collapsing currency into something more stable such as the US Dollar. Bitcoin is great for moving money about, but as it currently stands there are many more safer storage of value instruments.

  3. Really enjoyed this video thanks Nicholas. Can you please name a few coins that would fit your description of having a bright future.

  4. I don’t understand why Venezuela doesn’t choose a stable coin, can someone explain why they swap 1 volatile currency for another?

  5. really nice video i really like the video .

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  6. I like your video Datadash, very informative. I found out also a very promising project Staker token, a PoS smart contract token on Ethereum platform. It is capable of minting and earn extra coins by just holding a minimum coin age of 3days. I guess this would be great new innovation & trend on Eth platform now.

  7. Hello Nick. This is an excellent presentation. Why are you not reviewing Neblio or NEBL. I have heard much of the great potential of NEBL and I would like you to break it down. NEBL brings in their own Blockchain Solution as well as it is currently worth at least 17 times more than its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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  9. The people are largely ignorant of cryptocurrency and can be easily swayed to preserve "our historic currency" against some strange new currency which has strange wallets that don't work, get hacked, get upgraded where all cryptocurrency gets lost without hitherto unneeded vigilance, etc. No one has solved scalability, not even the olympian Vitalyk Buterin. They have a very low circulating supply.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to criticize my comments, C and M. It is both useful and wise to project trends today in an effort to be prepared for tomorrow. Tomorrow never really comes, and trends can be upset for unexpected reasons. One has to have faith, almost mania, to overcome daunting problems.

    I think that corrupt people will thwart any preponderance of currency creation which their various governments don't control at the gateways to their jurisdictions. A shared super-jurisdiction may be created where national fiat currency can be digitally exchanged. Most national currencies are overwhelmingly digitized already. I believe a currency crash and reset of the US$ is inevitable and imminent. At that point, given troubled currencies globally, all of them will be reset at some gathering of heads of states. Something like "nanopay" is likely to be used to settle trade among nations and businesses. This is the milieu of the really rich organizations and people. Decentralized platforms using blockchain technology will have only very marginal employment between and among "the faithful." What big business, big governments and big militaries work out as best for THEIR concerns will prevail. Clearly, many such entities have studied blockchain technologies, noticing speed, low price, etc. They will take what is useful and probably create "something else" which can be patented, copyrighted and trademarked. A unit of the Canadian government developed the nanopay platform, which beats anything developed by the open-source blockchain developers by a great deal and works by – among others – digitizing fiat currency for payment purposes internationally. Whether it proves to be winner or not, big money will opt for something like that, while cryptoheads huddle in prayer that institutional investors will suddenly pour trillions of dollars into Bitcoin et al upon access to electronic trading and shorting. The moment cryptoheads succombed to the characterization of Bitcoin as a commodity, rather than electronic currency, the jig was up. After the majority of Bitcoin holders have been driven out, Bitcoin may continue as a weigh station for people who'd rather park some of their millions in it, rather than such ancient money as gold.

    The future doesn't really belong to the dreamers. Rather, it is the temporary stage upon which ambitious, wiley men compete for center stage in a neverending drama.

  11. Hey Nick, It's really amazing video… I think, You should review NEBL. They have their own Open-Source Blockchain Solutions for Business.

  12. Not completely agree. Cryptocurrency is not a perfect substitute for the fiat currency. So, the failure of the fiat currency does not have the direct and strongest impact on the cryptocurrency market. The failure of fiat currency may be not only due to its nature of central authority.

  13. Would love to know your thoughts on OmiseGO…. is this a peer to peer digital currency? Please let me know your overall thoughts

  14. Nano is the future of payment, faster than bitcoin, feeless transaction, and low power usage, i'm def in .

  15. I disagree on the line you drew for btc….we have seen lower highs and lower lows over the last few months and I see that continuing, as long as we have low volume and no catalyst to move the price up…I, for one, do not plan to catch a falling knife. If btc goes over 8k and stays there, then I will agree the bear market is over.

  16. Venezuela now has over 900 merchants on the dash network. Good interview with Dash CEO on Keiser report

  17. "authoritators"?

    Great videos, but I think the word would be authorities or dictators. Thanks for the great content!

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