Ripple/Circle/BlackRock/Vanguard to Dominate the financial System!

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BRICS+ New Currency System To Dominate US Dollar & Crypto Currency

The BRICS began to assert a greater economic and political voice in international matters. For instance, during the global financial crisis that almost caused the collapse of the world economy, the BRICS... Read more »

The Most Popular Crypto That Will Dominate The Market in 2022 | Why VeChain Will 100x In 2022 | VET

This is why I believe VeChain (VET) will hit $1 USD before 2025! VeChain: Coin market Cap: Video Links: VeChain Explained: Cryptocurrency Explained:​ How To Buy Crypto Currency... Read more »

Top 5 Bitcoin & Crypto 2023 Predictions (XRP, ETH, & ADA DOMINATE)

Here are my top 5 bitcoin and crypto predictions for 2023. What role will XRP, ETH and ADA play? I also predict that bitcoin will peak at 38,000 and then come back... Read more »