Kevin O'Leary and Hasan Debate FTX, Crypto, and Investments | The Daily Show

“Shark Tank” investor and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary discusses his losses and lessons learned from the failed crypto exchange FTX, why he remains committed to investing in entrepreneurs despite the FTX fallout, and why small businesses should take advantage of the Employee Retention Credit federal program. #DailyShow #Comedy

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About the Author: Pamela Masters


  1. So all I hear Kevin saying is”it’s not my fault, you should have know what you were getting into. Diversify.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ #Hasanashost!!!!!

  2. Hasan did a great job, but I miss Trevor Noah's eloquence and firm implications to get this points through.
    Smooth, Trevor was.

  3. Wow, Hasan.

    What Kevin is failing to tell people is that he gets in at levels regular investors can NEVER get in at. He’s ALREADY made his money by the time you get in. He can also negotiate share prices down at the same time that you are getting in. So if the stock is X, he don’t pay X, he pays X-Y=KevinCost. Also, Kevin has done some shady ish before, just ask Mattel.

  4. The guest should do more of the talking. Didn’t even give Kevin a full minute to explain or respond to his statements. Every interviewer should listen more and have effective open ended questions to get to the point.

  5. Hasan is doing a great job. Great constructive but confrontational interview. More of this please.

  6. I love Hasan but I think he fumbled this interview. I’ve seen him do so so so much better. I think he lost his cool for a minute and got frustrated. Hasan is up there with Trevor and Jon but if he attacks like that, emotionally, then he’ll cause his interviewees to be defensive and not want to come on the show. I want to see Hasan bring in international Presidents and Executive thugs. He can do it, but they won’t come if they don’t feel like they’ll be given a fair shot. That’s how Trevor got Kellyanne Conway to come on his show.

  7. Hasan should really let his guests answer the questions he asks them. It doesn't always have to be about him all the time.

  8. Hasan is the next host. Hands down. I've seen all the guest hosts and I love them all.

    Hasan has a connection to the show that is undeniable…and he somehow channels Jon Stewart better than Jon Stewart can.

    When I watch Hasan host this show…I don't see him auditioning for the Daily Show…I see the Daily Show auditioning for him.

    He's got to be the one. Final Answer.

  9. Yeah this is the video to sell me. Hasan for the permanent spot. The humor is on point but the intellectual sparing is exactly what we need for the Daily Show. Anyone can be funny, but this feels perfect.

  10. As a fellow Aggie and Sacramento Kings fan, I am biased but Hasan must come back as the next official host.

  11. What I also love is that Hasan is dishing out at the levels folks like O'Leary can barely take (or can't). S

  12. It was great to watch a fairly pointed debate without either party degenerating into a nonsensical rant. I appreciate both parties for that. And Hasan, you are Sharp! He couldn't drop a dime.

  13. Totally agree with below comments – this doesn’t compare to the other guests – truly different level and fantastic – love this. Please make him permanent or someone give him a show we’ll follow him there.

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