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  1. So, who's supposed to be playing him in King of the Jungle? Johnny Depp, or Michael Keaton?

  2. Don`t laugh but if the Android/I phone O/S is compromised we are all in a world of shit, don`t you agree.

  3. some of the hacking/theft will simply be "rearranging" who has money and who doesn't… wealth redistribution tactic …government sponsored

  4. Could be cool to hack all debt, whipe out credit cards and fuck those bail out banks. bail, tickets , court and county records…gone. PAID IN FULL… ooops my toaster did it.

  5. I have fallen on tough times, Could someone please help by sending me some Cryptos If you don't want them, or are feeling particularly generous? I will "pay it forward" whenever I can. <3

    Litecoin: MVPu26XYSWfoVCjR6uU4QNnKAbKUHRyYcf

  6. His company all do it's to spy and research spying to collaborate with government spying on peoples private affairs.

  7. Hey John and Ed, someone should sue the company's selling your private information, especially if you suffered harm!! Get that to the supreme court!!

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