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About the Author: Ruby Pittman


  1. I have come to realize that with the right strategy and experience, trading crypto would indeed be very profitable. I started trading crypto one year ago. Learnt the hard way by losing a lot of money trading all alone and trying out YouTube strategies, i soon realized that i needed a proper guidance and professional help, and Mr James Carlson filled that space.He provides me accurate signals to trade on my platform. Ever since i started investing and trading through James, I have recorded a very good amount of profits. James can be reached on WhatsApp: +447476717980 and Telegram @ JamesC51 for inquiries into profitable trading system*

  2. Hi,
    I'm a big fan of your hike video.
    Do you know of any currencies backed by Duetche Bank or Barclays? Perhaps any the Queen of England is invested in? I don't remember if you or another put this info in a video, however, I am unable to locate that video at the time. Also, are you able to post videos after the dips/downturns that specifically explain certain ICO's issues? You can choose your ICOs, as the Fibonacci method is a good example for this conversation. This practice also adds credibility to your online work, as a friend in the banking industry says this is how they validate their research in this volition market.
    Finally, are you aware it is illegal to use a legal name? The copyright is the reason for many of our financial issues and economics. I'd inquire you to research the legal name fraud, if, in fact, you are not aware.
    Cheers, mate,
    Clausula rebis sic stantibus

  3. For Cryptocurrency mining and how to make good wages on your invested funds, contact me if you are good with it and i will show you how to earn over 15% of your capital daily and also every little detail you need to know or secret there is about it. reach me via email

  4. I have an investor/trader trading style if that makes any sense. But I do lean more toward investing. But when I see targets of opportunity I will trade.

  5. So I love your videos man. You've helped me a lot, and last week I finally went from paper trading to real trading. Made 30% in my first week. I'm a math and physics major, so I've fallen in love with ta and the alt coin markets.

    I have a few questions for you. Have you managed to do altcoin trading as a primary source of income? What are your thoughts on the long term viability of altcoins? Are they going to top out and come back down in a few years? Or do you think the limited supply of the major coins like bitcoin will keep the markets high?

  6. hey Dallin, I emailed you a couple days ago inquiring about your VIP course, when convenient please take a look

  7. Hello bro. i want to ask you, I trade in bittrex , I sell my zclassic at the higher price than others trader until now nobody buy it, if I cancel my sell, Will my zclassic reject to my wallet or not? thank you.

  8. great advice, I would like to interview you on this subject for my viewers, let me know what's the best way to contact you.

  9. bought 2k worth of ETH last night @ 178$ woke up to it being 166$ this is just a swing right? I didn't just blow my money did I???

  10. I'm an investor, though I am planning on learning technical analysis and maybe going 80% investment and 20% trading.

  11. I'm an investor. But if I can spot an excellent short term trading opportunity, I won't let it pass me by.

  12. What is your analysis on PotCoin?
    I traded with that coin and it got turned into investment T-T

    Great videos BTW I am learning.

  13. Hello, I like what you do! and I am interested in your course. but I haven't seen a detailed account of the content that I wold expect to learn. having that information would help me pull the trigger and purchase and believe it would for many others.

  14. I'd say I am 80% investor, 20% trader. I believe long-term holds prevail, especially in btc and eth. I am making mid-term trades on alt coins for quick profit and because I'm naturally very interested in the crypto space, so I spend 1-3 hours researching daily.

  15. When do you guys think we hit the bottom? I bought a ton super low yesterday at the bottom but I've already sold it off. Looking to get in on a new position… Maybe wait until tomorrow or Monday?

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