Investing In Index Funds Won't Make You Rich

Investing in index funds won’t make you rich.

Neither will buying NFTs, crypto tokens or other forms of gambling.

In this video I explain what WILL make you rich instead.



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  1. I don't know who needs to hear this but i couldn't afford rent 2 years ago, now i can. Couldn't buy a Tesla a year ago now i have both a tesla car and lots of tesla stock, my point is building wealth is in your mindset, work on that and your financial potentials becomes exponential, develop habits like avoiding debt, cutting costs and most importantly, regularly putting money away in intervals for investments .My advice is to start with the stock market, it has plenty of opportunities to earn..Trust me I was able to grow to 7 figures just on a diverse portfolio strategy spread across bluechips, top etfs and coins and i didn't even have to lift a finger because my broker James Fletcher Brennan did all the hard work, he handles all my investments and ensures I stay above the market

  2. A small percentage of stocks will vastly outperform the index, but they're hard to identify. I got lucky with TSLA but was burned by others. Much safer to buy the index and own a small piece of each winner.

  3. Thank you for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $ 13,000 every single week investing with the woman you recommended Ms Analia Harlod

  4. No, your goal should be to save as much as can for decades. Buy a low fee global ETF and add to it weekly for decades. Learn valuable skills to earn more so you can save more. This is the tried and true method for accumulating wealth: spend less, save more, and increase your value in the marketplace.

  5. Better advice would be. Go work for the government and get a final salary pension because you will be set for life after 30 years service. Forget indexes and stocks. Let the tax payers in the private sector keep you wealthy in retirement.

  6. What is the fun being rich when old and sick and just hoping you don’t die of something money can’t fix. The average returns on index funds in the UK for last 5 years has been almost zero. Especially the 250. There is more money in buying very cheap stocks with single digit P/E ratios. The sp500 is highly unlikely to repeat the last decade. Investing for retirement is like wasting your life. Just put away the minimum you can and have fun before you get cancer and die. Remember the government always punishes the prudent and helps the people who saved nothing.

  7. Wrong title. It should read, You will never underperform the market with index funds. That's more important.

  8. Yes exactly!! I’m in a position where my earnings allow me to invest heavily!! That’s how you get wealthy! Investing 3-5k a month beats £100 a month. Investing isn’t for average Lehman. As they don’t have disposable income to play the game! Aiming for 20+ million, time I retire at 50. However!! Having something at retirement is better than nothing at all!! So do the best you can.

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