I Tried to Sell $10,000 in Gold to Coin Shops… SHOCKING Results!

How Much will Coin Shops paying for 6 1oz Gold Coins worth $10,000?

Recently I tried to sell 10,000 1oz Silver Eagles to Local Coin Shops across the U.S., and now today we’re going to try and sell 6 1oz Gold Coins (3 Gold Eagles and 3 Gold Maples), to local coin shops across the U.S. to see what they will offer us for them!

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Trying to Sell $10,000 in Gold Coins to Coin Shops!

#GoldCoins #GoldEagles #goldprice

Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Coin Shops Names and Voices Masked
0:48 Local Coin Shop #1
2:19 Local Coin Shop #2
3:45 Local Coin Shop #3
4:44 100k Silver Chest Information
5:23 Local Coin Shop #4
6:55 Local Coin Shop #5
8:27 Local Coin Shop #6
9:29 Local Coin Shop #7
10:29 Final Gold Coin Prices & Final Wrap-Up

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  1. We're ALMOST to 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!… Be sure to





  2. Coin shops are in the business of
    Paying you they trying to make profit
    And will go elbow deep to keep your money

  3. I understand why you mask their voices. Logically, one shouldn't be mad at shops that buy under spot. They're individuals. They're free to go under spot. We're free not to sell our gold to them under spot. No one is forcing anyone into a transaction. Part ways and that's that.

  4. Seems like letting the internet troll the bad shops could be a good thing – reduce theft. Thanks for the entertaining video! I'm going to sub 👍🏼

  5. They don’t even sell the coin at spot price. I’m looking at the price chart in Canadian dollars and places are charging $235-$300 over spot if you wanted to buy an 1oz gold maple.

  6. Thanks for the show.

    Pretty wild going for that seventh quote. Whatever you do, do not go for an eiiiggg… 2X4, 7+1 quote!

  7. Where do want sell the gold here in Austria jou kann sell in 5 minutes and get cahs I try already here no problem

  8. You want spot value for a product so the shop is literally making NO money? The entire premise of this video is pretty ignorant. They aren't there to break even. Just talking to you on the phone cost them money. Running a business comes with overhead that has to be paid. Jesus are people this ignorant?

  9. I'm curious, why would a shop pay spot price? Do these coins have collector value that would make them worth more?

  10. From my experience, places buying gold (not coin shops) only pay you less than the 90% spot price because they are the middleman and need to earn some profits to pay rent…

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