FTX Collapsed…Here’s Why

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This video is an opinion and in no way should be construed as statements of fact. Scams, bad business opportunities, and fake gurus are subjective terms that mean different things to different people. I think someone who promises $100K/month for an upfront fee of $2K is a scam. Others would call it a Napoleon Hill pitch.

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About the Author: Robert Dodson


  1. What bothers me about this situation is the fact that the news and media are all going about a recession which is understandable due to the war and pandemic but still the same media still publish articles about folks in the same economy pulling off hefty 6figure profit(Averg. 200k in barely 8weeks) in this downtrend how is that possible?

  2. The fact that a single sentence on social medias can change litterall path of multiple miliom $ … is insane !

  3. Investing in the stock market is the best option to make a passive income. Virtually all the markets are crazy, most people pay more attention to the shiniest position on the graph, I'm keeping a diversified portfolio.

  4. Say what you will about our current system of banking it definitely has holes but at least consumers can be reassured that their bank of choice won’t go under bc the CEOs of a rival bank hate each other
    What a joke

  5. The biggest difference between crypto and traditional banking is that when crypto mismanages/crimes itself into the ground, they don't get government bailouts

  6. We all know that this never really was about a ‘war’ between Binance and FTX (no matter how often and how shamelessly con-men like Kevin O’Leary try to pitch this angle).

    But even if the bancruptcy was caused by a dirty infight between the platforms – looking at a curly-haired manchild like SBF and his comically overdrawn looking girlfriend on one side and Binance’s “Megamind” shaped Changpeng Zhao on the other… well, I’d rather put my bets on the Asian dude.

  7. A situation where numerous financial institutions are secretly insolvent hmm where have I heard that one before?

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