Crypto Mining को पैसा कमाने का जरिया बनाना ठीक रहेगा? | Ek Naya Paisa | S2Ep8

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In this episode of Ek Naya Paisa2.0 Zeishah discusses all levels of Crypto Mining. Crypto mining farms have been built on a large scale in many countries of the world. Where thousands of mining rigs have been installed, which do bitcoin’s mining 24 hours. These farms consume a lot of electricity, so most of these farms have been installed in countries where electricity is cheap and the weather is cool.
Apart from this, crypto mining is also done on a small scale in our country. Generally this is called GPU Mining. People are making a lot of money but there is a discussion going on about the sustainability of this business. Cost of the equipments needed, electricity supply and process of mining should have to be considered. In this episode Zeishah answeres and compares the both the levels of crypto mining. How can this business be profitable? Who can mine crypto coins in India? Which equipment and tools should be used? Can a normal computer mine cryptos?

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