COTI – The best of traditional payments and digital currencies

COTI, Currency of the Internet, is a payment transaction network supported by a native digital currency. By combining the best of traditional payments with the best of distributed ledger technology, COTI aims to set the standard for how payments should work in the digital currency era, faster, easier, more cost-effective and more reliable.

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  1. The leadership at Coti needs to revisit the team who produced this video. I am I hardcore Coti Maximalist but the marketing and Social presence has been weak since this. Stay Coti!

  2. Excellent project! I bought a lot now at 0.38 and 0.43. Write it down, there will be many regrets for not buying when COTI was in the house of cents! It is very undervalued by what it can deliver to the community, and its market value can easily quadruple.

  3. ORMEUS BIG SCAM all people lost 99% they upload videos promising never delivered something, admins scammers ban all people ask details , please dont buy THIs SCAM all team no linkedin CV, they PONZI scheme

  4. I love the disign of this trailer 🤩 thx to the COTI team for this project ! COTI is the futur. And i love saying that COTI >>>>>> PayPal

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