Buying Gold Bars – Everything You Must Know (Beginner's Guide)

How do you go about buying gold bars? Which types and sizes of gold bars are the best to buy? More importantly, where do you buy them from? In this video, I will guide you through how to buy gold bars, how much to pay and the different types that are suitable for you and how much you should pay. Buying gold bars is the best way to stack and invest in gold, especially when you want to get more from every dollar. Gold is a great investment asset to help you preserve wealth, especially in today’s fiat-based economy. Getting your first gold bar is an important step in maintaining your purchasing power. Compared to gold coins, bars are more versatile, cheaper to buy and just as easy to sell when you need cash. Let’s dive in!

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✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:36 Types Of Gold Bars To Buy
3:25 How Much To Pay?
4:51 Gold Bars vs Gold Coins
6:00 Choosing The Right Size
7:10 Where To Buy
9:37 Buying Genuine Gold
11:28 Your First Gold Bar
11:57 Closing Thoughts

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  1. A lot of Perth mint bars were fake.. kindly check sean as a lot of people were cheated. Do not promote any brands on safer side.

  2. I wonder if it is better to take the gold out of the package or leave it as it is. Does it have any effect on the higher price?

  3. IF your finances can't stretch much into gold, silver bars are also an attractive option, but don't go over 10 ounce, as larger silver bars are more inconvenient then useful when it comes to selling them.

  4. i personally don't understand why people would pay higher price just for the kind of engraving and design and so on.
    why not just buy cast bars?? i don't get it. please do help me understand hahaha

  5. how will gold ( ) protect you in the future? you can't eat it. you can't cook, clean, or build (anything) with it. it can be used as money. but, will you use it to buy anything at a farmer's market?

  6. I remember my first investment in Gold was a complete scam 😂 yeah big mistake I bought from Ali Express .

  7. these are so cute..
    just check them after you receive any … make sure they're not filled with chocolate !!

  8. Inflation damaging savings. Thinking about dropping some funny money on some space metal. A several oz bars to allow easy liquidation if required would be the play i think. Thanks for thi informative video

  9. 3 important things buying gold bar
    Never buy from Internet fake
    Never buy from TV adverts
    Never buy from who you don't know
    Don't be a magpie get your eye wiped

  10. Hi Sean, I will be living in The Philippines soon and was wondering if there is places to buy gold there rather than bringing some with me from Canada?

  11. So I am beginner and I have one question if when we buy gold at that time we have to pay some premium right but when we have to sell at time we get that premium price back or what ?
    Hope you can understand.

  12. This was a nice video but in my opinion when you choose a financial firm, they forget to tell you that they'll be using your investment to make triple off the cent you've invested and in turn give you grumps at the end of quota, that’s how the bank intuition operate, only very few of the population is aware of this. Which is why I work with Cypress Trust, its a financial institution with transparency with varieties of options from Gold to stocks and bond, that suits anyone looking to run a pool investment system with good risk management.

  13. I don't think selling was covered . What % below spot can you expect to be paid when you sell? Thailand has gold shops everywhere and desplay the current buy and sell price , the difference between buy and sell price is 0.5% !

  14. We don't buy gold for investing. We buy it as crash insurance. As we are more on the poor side, we buy sovereign coins once in a while. One or two, as we have money. Adds up over time.

  15. Where are you from brother? Obviously an Asian country, ik just curious. Thank you for the guide.

  16. The biggest problem with buying gold is the premium charged on top of the actual gold value. Then your sell value will be a bit lower than spot price and you have to wait forever to see any profit. As a long term store of value for survival it makes sense tho.

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