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If there’s one industry that took the spotlight in 2021, it’s manufacturing. From supply chain issues to boats blocking canals, it seems everyone has been affected by the ripples caused by the global pandemic. We took a look at overfishing’s impacts on coastal communities and why sand mining is causing an environmental crisis you’ve never heard of. We met young entrepreneurs and former Tesla employees who are shaping the future of electric vehicles and toured long-standing companies behind household staples like fragrances and lightbulbs. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite videos of the year in manufacturing and industry.

0:00 Where The World Sends Its Multimillion-Dollar Ships To Die (Jun 15, 2021)
10:58 The Tesla Mafia: How Elon Musk’s Ex-Employees Are Becoming His Top Rivals (Mar 3, 2021)
18:01 Meet The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire: Austin Russell (Apr 19, 2021)
23:27 Building A Sustainable Cryptocurrency Future Using Bitcoin Mining With Natural Gas (Dec 19, 2021)
30:37 This EV Entrepreneur Built A Multimillion Dollar Company In Two Years (Dec 8, 2021)
32:50 Bulbrite’s Million Dollar Success Is A Family Affair (Aug 8, 2021)
38:29 How Sand Mining Is Quietly Creating A Major Global Environmental Crisis (Nov 29, 2021)
53:44 Can BioTech Clean Up The $765 Billion Chemical Industry? (Nov 21, 2021)
1:01:23 The $35 Billion Flavor And Fragrance Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Oct 25, 2021)
1:06:01 Meet The Entrepreneur Who Built An Electric Vehicle Company Worth Millions Before Age 30 (Dec 1, 2021)
1:08:11 Elon Musk Got Rich From Tesla But What About The Other Founders? (Nov 17, 2021)
1:12:34 How Overfishing Robs Coastal Indigenous Communities Of Their Livelihoods (Aug 31, 2021)
1:27:59 How This Company Is Making Spaceflight Greener With Biofuels (Dec 5, 2021)

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