Best Emerging Market ETF – Ray Dalio Loves Vanguard VWO

Looking for the best emerging market ETF? Find out why Ray Dalio likes emerging markets and which Vanguard emerging market ETF is the number one choice for his company Bridgewater Associates.  

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In this video we will be looking at:
2:18 – What Are Emerging Markets?
6:00 – The Benchmark
7:10 – Ray Dalio’s Best Emerging Market ETFs
10:39 – A Great UK Alternative
12:17 – Summary

Emerging markets came on to my radar when studying Ray Dalio’s portfolio at Bridgewater Associates. You will see in this video that they have allocated over 10% of the portfolio to the emerging markets. The 3 funds are Vanguard VWO, iShares EEM & IEMG. I will also include analysis on the Vanguard VFEM which is a good UK alternative. 

*NB Taiwan is not a province of China 9:02

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  1. As of today the 5yr returns are now at VFEM -2% , S&P500 +51%. Maybe VFEM is now cheap. There are dividends to factor in too but I think they are similar for both.

  2. Would it matter between "İshares core MSCİ emerging" and "Vanguard FTSE Emerging"? Have looked that inner is almost the same. OOk with country distribution. İDoes there's something advantage that I don't know? I have noticed that with "Vanguard emerging", for example, no zuis korea "samsung" share is included.. Maybe that's a small difference? Thank you so much.

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